F5J FAI International Open "Concello do Porriño"  


The F5J FAI International Open "Concello do Porriño"  is a thermal electric glider competition, under F5J FAI rules and included in the calendar of  the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

Moreover, the competition is valid for Intertour and Trofeo Ibérico classifications.


The contest will be held on 5th August 2017 in Pista Municipal de Aeromodelismo de Pontellas (O Porriño, Pontevedra, Spain).


The competition will be include (planned):


Qualifyinf flights: 8-10



Entry list (07/30/2017)


     Pilot                                            Club (Country)



1    José Araújo                               Liga Aer. do Cávado  (Portugal)

2    José Antonio Orviz                   Central de Asturias (España)

3    Carlos Casqueiro                      Furaventos (España)

4    Luis M González                       Radiocontrol Sevilla (España)

5   José M Quintas                         Araxiñas (España)

6   José Rocha                                Liga Aer. do Cávado (Portugal)

7  Oscar Lopes                                Liga Aer. do Cávado (Portugal) 

8   Rui M. Paiva                               LIPA (Portugal)

9   Vitor Gandarela                         Liga Aer. do Cávado (Portugal)

10  Alejandro Martínez                   Central de Asturias (España)

11  Gonzalo Moreno                       Estepona (España)

12  José Enrique Palacios             Las Marismas (España)

13   Nuno Mota                                LAC (Portugal)

14   António Coutinho                     LIPA (Portugal)

15   Julio Contreras                         Los Buitres (España)









- Briefing 10:30 h. 

- Qualifying flights start: 11:00 h

- Flights end (aprox.): 19:00 h

A break for lunch is included.









Maximum number of pilots: 24.


Inscription requires to send the Entry Form the by  00:00 h of 28th July.


Entry fee is 25 €, and the paymant is available by 29th July, by transfer to the account indicated for the Organization.

After 29th July, the Organization reserves the right to accept inscriptions and the cost will be 40 €.


FAI license is mandatory.


                Access to  ENTRY FORM



Food and accommodation

Food at economical prices will be available during the contest, on Saturday and Sunday.


Accommodation reserves and costs depends on the participants.



More information

Gliderlink software for on-line and real time clasiffication will be used.

Specific rules and documentation



Open Internacional F5J Concello do Porri[...]
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